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Therapy Included in your stay

Tenuta Chatham Bay is catering to the rising popularity of the cannabis plant in the wellness industry by introducing cannabis-infused spa treatments.

A CBD and THC massage involves the use of CBD (Cannabidiol) and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) oil Products derived from cannabis sativa plant. 

The CDB and THC combine are the perfect combination to cure high levels of stress, inflammation, chronic pain and fibromyalgia, skin disease and reducing anxiety or can help just to have a better night sleep.

Cannabis massage is right for everyone! since the cannabis is topical treatment does not enter in the blood stream.

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Three Days Cannabis Treatment

This package includes:

  • An assessment from a certified doctor;
  • Two massage treatment;
  • Specialize medical supervision which will include an administrated under tongue Cannabis tincture and Cannabis ointment application at various pressure points in your body;
  • Access to the spa consumption area.

Check with reservation team for details.

Therapy Included

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