All Inclusive at Tenuta Chatham Bay

Chatham Bay Club & Resort

Why choose All Inclusive?
At Tenuta Chatham Bay guests choose to visit and stay with us for a multitude of different reasons. We see many guests that are using Tenuta Chatham Bay as there base while they are seeking adventure on the Island, this normally comes in the form of kite surfing on the close by kite beach or diving in the Unesco World Heritage site at Tobago Cays. We also host many guests that are on sailing vacations and are seeking rectitude from windy Caribbean sea at the sheltered bay at Chatham for a few nights. A lot of our guest are also island hoping. Visiting as many different islands in the Caribbean on there vacation trying to absorb as much of the sights, sounds & culture of the Caribbean as they can over a small period of time. However, the majority of our guests visit us seeking a vacation, in the simplest and truest form of the meaning. Ultimately our guests are looking for, relaxation, sun and to recharge their batteries. However, along with the basic needs of this vacation many of our guests are now seeking to have a unique style of experience. Something a little different from the atypical sun, sea and sand hotel you find on the med or in the many resorts on the Central American coast. We find that our guest are seeking an authentic Caribbean experience, off the beaten track, with quality excursions close by.

At Tenuta Chatham Bay, our unique and traditional Caribbean cottages, spectacular scenery and secluded yet accessible location give our guest a multitude of opportunities for experience and exploration. And, if you are hoping to enhance your relaxing vacation at Tenuta Chatham Bay by exploring some of the attractions close by then our all-inclusive option will offer you the best value for money. If you choose to book our all-inclusive option for 4 nights you will indulge in traditional Caribbean cooking for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You will also be treated to a vastly stocked bar of beers, wines and premium spirits, perfect for a pre-dinner cocktail. With our all-inclusive option of 4 nights or more you will also get to experience some of the best experiences in St Vincent & The Grenadines. Wither this is a trip to the world-class diving at Tobago Cays or to experience the lively atmosphere of a typical Caribbean beach with a day trip to Salt Whistle Bay, you will have the option to include 2 excursions as part of your package. We will also ensure your whole experience is hassle-free by organising a water taxi to and from the airport for you aswell.

So if you are looking for the perfect mix of seclusion and adventure alongside stunning scenery, amazing food and unique experiences then Tenuta Chatham Bay is the perfect option for your next  vacation.