Island Adventures

Chatham Bay

Daily Tour

Tenuta Chatham Bay and the surrounding areas on Union Island have a lot to offer guests that are seeking to include a little bit of adventure during their vacation. At the resort, you will be provided with ample opportunity to explore our Island. Whether you choose to cycle, hike or explore the bays and beaches in one of our kayaks, you won’t be disappointed by the tropical sights, sounds and scenery on Union Island.


Tour by boat

If you want to experience more of St Vincent and The Grenadines, then you might want to opt for one of our day trips by speed boat. You can explore the World Heritage site at Tobago Cays and experience some of the best diving in the world. You can also visit some of the surrounding Islands such as Palm Island, Happy Island, Sparrow Beach, Salt Whistle Bay & Petit St. Vincent. We can prepare a picnic lunch for you to enjoy on the beach or we can recommend a lunch spot  where you can stop off an enjoy some traditional Caribbean fare. The boat tour must be booked at the reception. The times differ depending on the seasons.


Sport and activity

For guest that enjoy being on the water, The island of Saint Vincent, or “Hairouna” in the Caribe language and all the Grenadines are a favourite destination for scuba divers and the diving enthusiasts for the clear waters and coral reefs that surround them. Nearby the resort, you can practice snorkelling with PADI certified instructors, and take advantage of the professional courses to obtain certification. You will also find kayaking, paddle boarding and snorkelling at the resort. If you want to have a more adventurous time on the seas, then you might want to try kite surfing. A short distance from Chatham Bay, on the south side of Union Island, you will find the JT Pro Kite Centre. Here, you will experience excellent Kite surfing in a centre built for professionals.


The All Inclusive Experience

Day 1: One of our team will meet you at the airport and transport you by water taxi to the resort which is around 20 minutes. On your first day, we would encourage you to relax into our setting and enjoy some down time at the resort. Enjoy an afternoon relaxing on our beach or sipping a mojito by the pool. On the beach, you will find kayaks, paddleboards and snorkelling equipment. Afterwards, enjoy dinner in Aqua restaurant and retreat your cottage to prepare for an exciting second day.

Day 2: Enjoy breakfast at your leisure but be ready for 10.30 am for your trip to Tobago Cays. Our skipper will pick you up at 10.30 am and take you via boat to the beautiful world heritage diving site. It should take you around 45 minutes to reach your destination. You will leave with a delicious picnic lunch to enjoy in the afternoon. Our skipper will aim to have you back to the resort for 5 pm to let you enjoy the sunset with a cocktail before getting ready for another evening of delicious food and drinks in Aqua restaurant.

Day 3: Have a slightly more relaxed day in the middle of the trip and take things easy exploring Union Island. You can travel by water taxi or jeep into Clifton to experience the sights and sounds of a typical Caribbean village. Relax in the afternoon on the lovely secluded bay at Sparrow Beach. If you want more flexibility with your day and want to explore more of the island, then you can take bikes from the resort and cycle around Union. We can arrange for the bikes to be collected from the village and returned to the resort whilst you relax on the beach.

Day 4: Get ready for a day of luxury beaches and resorts. Have breakfast at your leisure but be prepared to be picked up for 10.30 am. Our skipper will transport you to Palm Island where you can relax on their white sand beach and enjoy swimming in the crystal clear sea. fter a few hours at Palm, our skipper will pick you up and take you to Salt Whistle Bay. Salt Whistle Bay is on the Island of Mayreau and only a short distance from Palm Island. On Mayreau, you will experience a more authentic and lively Caribbean bay. Salt Whistle Bay is a great spot for soaking up the sun in a lively atmosphere.

Day 5: Say au revoir to Chatham Bay on our departure day but not before enjoying a dip in the infinity pool or a enjoying stroll on the beach. Our skipper will collect you and take you to the airport in plenty of time to start your onwards journey.


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